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Beyond Tools How Building A Design System Can Improve How You Work

Design systems are one kind of tool that people look to in order to solve problems that are fundamentally about failures in collaboration and alignment. Often, when people talk about design systems, they’re really talking about style guides because that’s the most tangible part of the work. The style guide is like the tip of an iceberg. It rises majestically up out of the surface, and it’s easy to forget the larger stabilizing force beneath the surface of the water that keeps the whole thing afloat.

Adobe XD Contest: Create An App Prototype With Your City’s Best-Kept Secrets

Now’s your opportunity to let fellow creatives see your city through your eyes — and to put your design skills to the test at the same time. Our friends at Adobe are launching the “Prototype your Creative City App” contest. The idea: Use Adobe XD to design an app prototype that helps others experience your city. Show them where you get your creative juices flowing, where you relax after a long day at work, or whatever else might spark your love for the place you live each day anew.

The Huge 3CX Breach Was Actually 2 Linked Supply Chain Attacks

The cybersecurity industry has scrambled in recent weeks to understand the origins and fallout of the breach of 3CX, a VoIP provider whose software was corrupted by North Korea–linked hackers in a supply chain attack that seeded out malware to potentially hundreds of thousands of its customers. Cybersecurity firm Mandiant now has an answer to the mystery of how 3CX was penetrated by those state-sponsored hackers: The company was one of an untold number of victims infected with the corrupted software of another company—a rare, or perhaps even unprecedented, example of how a single group of hackers used one software supply chain attack to carry out a second one. Call it a supply-chain chain reaction.

Designing For User Interfaces Icons As Visual Elements For Screen Design

What makes icons particularly special is perhaps the fact that their meaning can be understood without having to add any text or further details. In this article, I will show you how icons have been one of the first elements used in the first user interfaces, the story behind them, and why they are important to use in today’s screen design. At the end of the article, you will find a short tutorial that explains how Illustrator and Adobe XD can cooperate. You’ll see that it is very simple to use the XD icons that have been created in Illustrator, thanks to the CC libraries.

Big Tech Investors to Scrutinise Profits After Industry-Wide Layoffs, Firms to Highlight AI as Growth Driver

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